Arraystar Inc. specializes in integrated microarray and next generation sequencing services for gene expression and epigenetic studies. We also provide premium quality reagents, pathway focused & disease specific microarrays, and PCR based arrays, as consumables, in the same areas of research. Our products have proven themselves to be both affordable and reliable.

Our sample to data microarray services include gene expression profiling for LncRNAs, mRNAs, microRNAs, piRNAs, circular RNAs and custom design microarray applications. For epigenetic microarray analysis we offer MeDIP-chip, ChIP-chip, and LncRNA promoter array profiling. Our new products include pathway and disease focused microarrays as well as cancer focused microRNA PCR panels.

Our high-throughput sequencing services have been optimized for microRNA-sequencing, MeDIP-sequencing & ChIP-sequencing. All our services offerings include comprehensive bioinformatics analysis as part of our package.

LncRNAs are important regulators for a wide variety of cellular functions and have been associated with many types of disease. Arraystar has developed the tools you need to accurately profile these RNAs and we are proud to call ourselves a complete service provider for LncRNA research. Based on our proprietary array designs, innovative products and services, Arraystar Inc. offers you the solutions needed to help advance your research.

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