MyGo Pro Real-Time PCR



Real-Time PCR thermocycler with full spectrum optics which deliver 120 optical channels of fluorescence data from every tube.
High performance Peltier elements, combined with solid silver blocks, provide both speed and proven world-leading thermal uniformity.

Precision and performance

Users can now address biological phenomena with subtle effects on gene expression, or pathogen levels, for example discriminating 10% differences in transcript concentrations. The system can discriminate all classes of SNP, including Class 4 SNPs via HRM.

Multiplex with full spectrum optics

Full spectrum optics (120 channels) combined with advanced matrix deconvolution technology enable simultaneous analysis of at least 7 different targets in a single reaction, each monitored with a different colour of fluorescent label.

Easy analysis

The MyGo Pro system comes with easy-to-use SW, and robust high performance algorithms provide accurate results from complex data.<reliability< h3=””>A very few moving part made this instrument high reliable which comes with the option of a 5 year extended warranty.


With heating rates of 5°C per second and cooling rates of 4°C per second the MyGo Pro is one of the fastest systems available. The system demonstrates excellent quantitative precision and speed, with 45 cycles of PCR in 33 minutes.


MyGo Mini Real-Time PCR


Personal Precision

With no moving parts it provides silent operation and maximum reliability. It provides users with great results over a broad range of applications.


Easy Analysis

Easy-to-use software and robust, high performance algorithms which provide accurate results from complex data.

Solid-state reliability

The MyGo Mini is the world´s first completely solid-state real-time PCR machine, with no moving parts.


The MyGo software can be installed on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux OS. It is also compatible with standard o0, mL low-profile tubes, which are convenient and cost-effective.


A dedicated computer is not required. You can run the OS that you are familiar with. It also enables to control hundreds of instruments whilst simultaneously analysing run data on one computer.


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