RBC Bioscience is a total solution provider of molecular biology products and service and certified to ISO 13485 for medical device manufacturing. RBC has a worldwide sales network with headquarters in Taiwan and research partners based in Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

RBC product range includes:
1. MagCore System: The automated NAT purification system is designed for clinical and research labs in the field of life science. RBC offers various applications for different purpose to lab scientists. With worldwide patented cellulose coated magnetic beads and CE/IVD certification, MagCore system gives high quality and affordable cost to users at hospital, pharmaceutical and reaearch labs. Instrument and ready-to-use kits are 100% made in Taiwan.

2. RBC Real Genomics: Genomic DNA (Blood (fresh/frozen/spot), Bacteria, Cultured Cells, Tissues (animal/plant), 96-well plates). DNA Clean Up (Gel extraction, PCR clean up, G50 Dye terminator removal, G25 oligo clean up desalt, 96-well plates). Plasmid DNA (Plasmid Mini, FastIon Midi/Maxi, 96-well plates). RNA Extraction (Blood, Bacteria, Cultured Cells, Tissues (animal/plant)). Viral Nucleic Acid (DNA/RNA vira, 96-well plates). Purification Enzymes (ProteinasK, RNase, DNase, Lysozyme). Accessory (Gel band cutter, Multi well vacuum manifold).

3. HIT Competent Cells: Unlike other commercial competent cells, HIT Competent Cells with the non-heat shock protocol make the transformation the fastest (1 min taken) and easiest step. We guarantee the transformation efficiency of 107~ 109 cfu/µg plasmid DNA. There are 4 strains available: HIT-DH5a, HIT-JM109, HIT-Blue and HIT-21. Jumbo 80 kit gives a more economical option to users in lab.

4. RBC Polymerase: RBC Bioscience provides a wide selection of extreamly economical and high quality DNA polymerase. These recombinant polymerases highlight superior thermostable properties. ThermOne Real-Time PCR Premix (SYBR Green, Taq man probe). ThermOne One-Step Real-Time RT-PCR Premix (SYBR Green, Taq man probe). SensiZyme HotStart Taq, RBC Taq DNA Polymerase, RBC Pfu DNA Polymerase, 2X Blue/Red Mix DNA Polymerase Mastermix.

5. RBC Cloning Systems: Currently, there is RBC T&A Cloning System ideally provided for cloning PCR products. RBC Taq Polymerase, a highly thermostable polymerase, is recommended to use at the same time. RBC T&A Cloning System comprises RBC TA Cloning Vector Kit, RBC TA Cloning Vector, RBC Rapid Ligation Kit, sold at your option.

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