SCAT stands for "Safety Center for Analysis Technology". The company was founded to protect users in the analytical laboratory from harmful substances in the work environment.

The reason was the specific requirement of a large German chemical company. The excessively high concentration of pollutants in a laboratory that worked with organic solvents required the necessary renovation work, which would have meant a large investment and the interruption of laboratory work. SCAT Europe invented a security concept that made these measures superfluous.

With SCAT SafetyCaps, the emissions could be drastically reduced, a conversion was no longer necessary. Laboratory operations continued almost undisturbed during the entire period. The company was able to save a high six-figure amount.

This success was the starting signal for us. In the meantime, we have helped numerous companies across Europe to save costs and, above all, to protect their employees from damage to health. We are constantly developing new products in order to offer the optimal solution for every - often very special - requirement.

More than 1,600 items from our own development for the safe handling of harmful liquids are proof of our performance and competence.

We have been gathering experience in instrumental analysis for over 20 years and can provide competent advice on all issues relating to safety when dealing with hazardous substances.

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