SCAT Europe was founded in order to protect technicians in analytical laboratories from harmful materials used in the working environment.

The complete S.C.A.T. system with many innovation about handling with hazardous liquids in the laboratory and production.

During HPLC operation, there are numerous sources of error that have an impact on analysis results and may also rise health and environment hazards. Insufficiently sealed containers for solvents and waste fluids have been identified as the main reason for solvent evaporation and contamination of HPLC systems, causing threats to health and environment.

Most safety regulations in laboratories specify the maximum workspace concentration of harmful substances in the ambient air. Observing these rules, European laboratory managers are annually spending nearly 7 billion dollars (6,906,470,306 $) on energy costs, especially for room ventilation and fume cupboards (according to a 2011 research of the European Association of Sustainable Laboratories).

Looking for the most cost-efficient and flexible solution, without spending millions of dollars on expensive installations, leading pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises entrusted S.C.A.T. Europe with developing a safety system for solvent containment. The SafetyCap system keeps the solvent line safely locked, from the containment unit over the HPLC system to the disposal container. The caps block and collect hazardous solvent vapors directly at their origin. At the same time, the mobile phase remains clean and free of contamination.

This way, solvent loss and mixture changes caused by evaporation can be successfully avoided. Constant retention times in the chromatogram lead to accurate and error-free identification of the analyzed substances. The filter and valve system allows air interchange while preventing vapors and toxic substances from evaporation into the ambient air.

According to a current research from the SGS Fresenius Institute, hazardous emissions and solvent loss can be remarkably reduced by installing S.C.A.T. safety closures in HPLC laboratories. In addition to more safety for laboratory staff and environment, this cost-efficient investment is also being judged as a measure of sustainable quality assurance.

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